Sky High: Bouncing off the walls at trampoline-filled facility

January 31, 2010 — by Cullan McChesney

People dream about being weightless and traveling 30 yards in one hop. However, unless you have a few million dollars to blow on a trip to the moon, the closest you’re going to get to such an experience is at Sky High.

Sky High has several locations, the closest of which is in Santa Clara. It is essentially a warehouse filled with three separate smaller areas each with their own unique layout of trampolines. In the first area you can play trampoline dodge ball; in the second you can jump into a giant foam pit; in the last and biggest area there are trampolines covering the entire floor and one wall. Sky high also incorporates large areas for parties and gatherings.

Although the majority of people at Sky High are under age 13, as the saying goes, “you are never to old to have fun.” There is not much more fun than literally bouncing off the walls.

The staff is a little on the grouchy side, but that’s expected with little kids screaming in their ears everyday. If you are respectful of others and watch out for other people, you’ll be fine.

Hours vary from day to day but Sky High is always open from at least 2 to 10 every day. Cost depends on the day, weekdays jumpers pay $10 for the first hour and $7 for each additional hour. On weekends it is $10 for every hour

However, proceed with caution as sprains or limb injuries are common thanks to dangers such as landing the wrong way or getting your hand or foot caught on something or stepped on. Everyone can expect to come away with minor rug burn regardless of how careful they are.

Sky High is best enjoyed with a group of friends or family, so if your looking for a place that offers energetic fun, head over to Sky High.

overall rating: 9/10

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