Simple lab coat holds deep meaning

February 14, 2019 — by Oliver Ye

Chemistry teacher honors late husband.

Many teachers keep items that are important to them inside their classrooms, whether they are essential to teaching a class or hold personal and emotional significance. For chemistry teacher Kathryn Nakamatsu, the lab coats that she wears when performing class demonstrations holds special meaning.

“This coat used to be my husband’s,” explained Nakamatsu. Her late husband, Jayson Chang, taught Honors Chemistry at Northgate High School, and the two met while grading Golden State Exam Chemistry exams.

“A month after we were engaged, he was diagnosed with cancer, and we were married for two and a half years,” Nakamatsu said. “When I wear it, it is like a memory of my first husband. He was a fabulous teacher, and the world lost a great teacher when he passed away.”

Today, Nakamatsu wears the lab coat in memory of her late husband, trying to emulate the passion and energy he displayed while teaching the subject he loved.

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