SHS alumnus Eileen Allen becomes new guidance counselor

September 16, 2010 — by Sarah Hull

A decade ago, Eileen Allen was asking her guidance counselor for college advice. Now, a decade later, she is the one who is giving the advice.

After graduating from SHS in 2001 and going on to receive her undergraduate degree from Cal Poly in San Luis Opispo, Allen has become the newest member of the guidance department and a Link Crew coordinator. This alumnus hopes her own experiences at Saratoga High will enable her to empathize and easily relate to currents students.

“I know what it’s like to be a student and how competitive Saratoga can be,” said Allen. “Even though it can be very difficult at times, I know that it’s a fantastic school.”

Allen has been warmly welcomed back into the school and has received a great deal of support from both the administration and teachers. She has even seen a few familiar faces around campus.

“There are a lot of the same teachers that I had that are still teaching here, which is really cool,” said Allen.

Not everything, however, is exactly as it used to be when Allen attended Saratoga High.

“I don’t remember [the students] being this great when I was here,” said Allen. “The kids are just amazing; they’re so ambitious and driven, but they’re also really polite. It’s been wonderful that they’re so willing to get to know me.”

This is her second year as a school counselor, having previously worked one year at Cabrillo Middle School in the Santa Clara Unified School District. Before becoming a counselor she worked at her family’s business but found the job to be unfulfilling and lackluster.

“I was involved in the business world when I was first out of college but I really wasn’t happy,” said Allen. “I wanted to be working with young people and came to the conclusion that school counseling would be a really good fit for me.”

After making this life changing decision, she enrolled at the University of San Francisco and received her master’s degree and teaching credential. Allen has no regrets concerning her decision to change career paths.

“I really think being a guidance counselor was what I was meant to do,” said Allen. “I love it. I look forward to coming to work every morning.”

Allen hopes to get more involved within the school community and to encourage her students to as well. While at Saratoga High, she participated in rally commmision, played tennis and was on the swim team. She said she wants current students to maximize their high school experiences.

“I hope to bring a lot of positive energy to the school,” said Allen. “I’m looking forward to coming out and seeing the kids play in some sports games and also watching some of the music and drama productions. But most of all I’m just excited to be back.”

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