Seniors join boys’ golf roster

February 28, 2011 — by Priyanka Nookala

Team captain senior Kent Paisley has been spending his Monday afternoons practicing golf at the golf team’s home course, the Saratoga Country Club. With the help of physics teacher Bill Drennan, who is in his final year of coaching, eight players are hard at work preparing for their first league match of the season scheduled to take place on Feb. 28 against Santa Clara.

Sophomore Robbie Parden predicts that this match will be a strong start to the season.

“We’ll beat them as long as everybody in our team plays well,” Parden said.

The top players this season are Paisley, senior Andrew Cho and Parden. During the season, the team will face rivals in the El Camino League such as Los Gatos and Milpitas. Regardless, Paisley has high hopes for the season given the player roster.

“Last year we did not have any seniors on the team. This year two of our top players are seniors who are more experienced and we didn’t lose anybody important, so we can only get better,” Paisley said.

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