Senior’s car spits fountain of water

April 24, 2009 — by Kirstie Lee

Senior Kiyoshi Harada was walking through the front parking lot when something caught his eye.

“Why is that car peeing?” Harada thought.

The car belonged to senior Tyler Comes, who is currently driving an 1994 S420 Mercedes with some strange glitches.

“When you turn on the windshield wiper, the water squirts about 10 feet out of the front right headlight,” Comes explained.

Comes first noticed this strange feature of his car when he watched his friend drive the car.

“He was adjusting the seat and he hit the windshield wiper on accident and I saw the water shoot out of the front of the car and I thought, ‘Weird, why did that happen?’” Comes said.

After realizing the cap covering the water stream fell off and thus caused the water to squirt, Comes found this to be a cool characteristic of his car. Now, Comes uses this strange feature to entertain those around him.

“I just spray people for fun, like my friends or random people that pass,” Comes said. “People are pretty weirded out, they’re always like, ‘What the hell?’”
This car, affectionately named “Smokey,” was Comes’ first car, given to him by his grandmother.

“[My grandmother] also installed this really weird horn. It plays three different notes and almost sings,” Comes said.

Comes plans on making his car even more unique, planning to invest money in upgrading various parts of the car, the stereo system included.

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