Senior quad day ends Homecoming in style

October 14, 2010 — by Dylan Jew

Seniors Cid Diaz, Brian Vo, Jason Du, and Zach Bair perform in senior quad day

Senior quad day is always the most anticipated performance each Homecoming, and this year’s class did not disappoint, most observers said.

The senior class had the usual elements to a successful Homecoming: well-choreographed dances, great music selection, hilarious jokes and an exceptional plot. The seniors also made great use of their theme, Candyland.

What set the seniors apart was the spirit shown in the quad day. With close to 100 students helping, the seniors had the most participation and were the most prepared for their performance.

In their quad day, the kidnapping of King Kandy spurred two students to travel to Candyland and save him. On their quest to find the King, the students ran into many familiar faces.

The seniors weaved their dances into their plot well; whenever a new person was met, the character would lead a dance. The dances were complete with matching music that tied into the character performing. After saving Candyland, the students joined the whole cast and danced in the finale.

“It was really cool to get so many people from our class together at once,” said senior Aditya Dev. “They all helped to make our last quad day memorable.”

The seniors knew how much practice it takes to have a successful quad day. They had practices every night during homecoming week and had dance practices starting two weeks before, according to Dev.
The quad day consisted of nine different dance scenes.

“Our dances were just amazing,” Dev said. “They were my favorite part of the quad day.”

Senior Michelle Wang was proud of the senior class’ final quad day.

“Even though this is a bittersweet moment, I am extremely proud of the seniors,” Wang said. “All the time and effort we put in really paid off.”

The seniors almost ran past lunch period but were able to finish just in time.

“We cut a ton of the script,” Wang said, “but it ended up being the whole lunch anyways.”

The senior class had a successful quad day this year, largely due to students’ enthusiasm. Wang encourages everyone to participate in their class’s quad day in the future.

“I would tell other classes to make it fun for everyone and make it a memorable experience,” she said.

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