Senior finds unique productive space on upper field

September 14, 2017 — by Andrew Lee and Jeffrey Xu

Known for being the practice field for the soccer, lacrosse and field hockey teams, the upper field is split up for their respective sports.

The lunch bell rings. Students pour out of classrooms, heading for the quad, cafeteria and the library.

Many groups of friends sit with each other, with some complaining about the classes they still have for the rest of the day and others trading food with one another.

But for senior Tristan Xiao, these spots hold little interest. Instead, Xiao heads for a place where he’s hung out at for two years, the upper field.

The upper field is at the center of the sports complex. It is adjacent to the softball field, across from the swimming pool, in front of the weight room, and down up the path from the football field. It also happens to be right outside of athletics director Tim Lugo’s office.

Known for being the practice field for the soccer, lacrosse and field hockey teams, the upper field is emblazoned with yellow, blue and orange lines for their respective sports.

The field’s new turf is soft, providing a cushioned fall to prevent possible injury and a comfortable seat for those who are there just to relax.

Brown picnic tables right outside the upper field are a good place to relax in the natural shade of the trees. A water fountain adjacent to the side entrance gives Xiao easy access to water when he is thirsty.

The soccer goals provide a target for Xiao to throw tennis balls into when he is bored.

“When I’m on the upper field, I like to sit down and immerse myself in nature,” Xiao said. “It is so beautiful that I am motivated to get my work done.”

Many days after school,  Xiao also loves to work out alone on the upper field when it is vacant, doing push-ups, sit-ups and sprints.

“When I finish a particular section of homework and feel like taking a break, I can work out and condition for tennis,” said Xiao, who played doubles one on the varsity team last year. “That way, I am always doing something productive.”

With the availability of the weight room nearby, the upper field is a convenient location to exercise. Especially when Xiao is training during the tennis season, free weights and machines are available after school for use.

Xiao recommends other students familiarize themselves with this often neglected location.

“The upper field is without a doubt the most multipurpose field for the athletics program,” Xiao said. “But what many have overlooked are the academic benefits and the overall elegance.”




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