Seeing without glasses but not really

October 24, 2019 — by Amanda Zhu

Glasses aren’t worth the hassle so I’ll just deal with being half-blind

I don’t have perfect eyesight. Considering the extensive technology we have today, this might not seem like a big problem. But when you’re someone who hates glasses and is practically nocturnal, wearing glasses is a constant nuisance.

Around seventh grade, when I first realized that my eyesight was no longer perfect, I was prescribed a pair of glasses to wear only during class. Each year, however, my eyesight got worse, and each year, my hatred for glasses progressively intensified. 

Finally, the summer after my sophomore year, I made the decision to wear night contacts. At first, it worked perfectly, but once school started, it was a whole other story.

It’s recommended to wear night contacts for at least six hours for them to work for the next day. The thing is, I haven’t gotten six hours of sleep in one night for a long time. Consequently, I often find myself unconsciously squinting in class to read the board and scooting my desk forward to be closer to the projector. 

That being said, no, I didn’t see you when you waved at me in the halls yesterday and didn’t wave back, but yes, I can see how many fingers you’re holding up. I keep telling myself I'll start wearing glasses when I have my driver's license.

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