School releases fall finals schedule

December 3, 2022 — by Skyler Mao
Photo by Saratoga High School
The 2022 Fall Finals Schedule is now available for students.
The final schedule this year is almost identical to last year’s, with 20 minute meetups and the Period 7 final on Monday, followed by two finals a day for the rest of the week.

Principal Greg Louie released the 2022 Fall Finals schedule in his Friday letter on Nov. 11, a vital tool for students to plan their study schedule for the week. Finals are 2 hours – far longer than ordinary 85-minute classes. 

This year’s final schedule includes 20-minute meetups with each class on Monday as well as the period 7 final that day. Periods 1 and 3 finals are on Tuesday; periods 2 and 4 finals are on Wednesday; and periods 5 and 6 finals are on Thursday, with Friday off.

Tuesday to Thursday will include daily 35-minute tutorials with a 15-minute break and passing before it, and a 30-minute lunch after it.

The schedule is almost the exact same as last year’s, except for the ordering of the finals.

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