Saratoga drama students support Los Gatos fall play

October 27, 2016 — by Saya Sivaram and Alex Yang

Drama students support LG by watching their fall play

Los Gatos students premiered their fall play, “Rosie the Riveter” on the weekend of Oct. 21. In a show of support, a group of six students from Saratoga’s drama department attended the production, receiving a private tour of the set and meeting with the director of the play.

“It was a really amazing show,” senior John Thomas Hulme said. “The sets were pretty spectacular and all of the acting was on point.”

During the backstage tour, they got to converse with some of the producers and technicians.

“We actually ended up getting this awesome tour of the set, which was stunning,” Hulme said. “They had this big loft and this background of corrugated metal. It honestly made us feel so welcome to have the director take the time to show us around.”

The usual rivalry between SHS and LGHS has never spread to either drama department in recent years, with both sides being supportive and attending each other’s shows, leading to some friendships.

“At our last show, ‘Guys and Dolls,’ the Los Gatos kids all brought individualized care packages for us with candy and chocolate,” junior Ania Kranz said. “It was so nice of them because you know that they’re there because of their own motivation, not because they feel obligated or anything.”

For sophomore Raghav Malaviya, who is new to the district, this play gave him the opportunity to explore Los Gatos, a school that he was previously unfamiliar with.

“I hear a lot about how LG isn’t as good of a school, or how they are our archnemesis for everything, but I didn’t see any of that,” Malaviya said.

Hulme and Kranz both hope that the relationship between the drama departments can reduce the sense of rivalry between the schools.

“Everyone is always talking about how one school is better than the other and that one school is cooler, but the truth is that they are both incredible schools with incredible kids, and people need to focus on that instead of constantly comparing SHS with LGHS,” Hulme said.

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