Roundup and review: Seniors rise to the occasion and put on their best quad day

November 10, 2009 — by Karen Lyu

Seniors celebrate the end of their quad dance.

Homecoming week came to its peak on Friday, Nov. 6, when members of the class of 2010 presented their best and last quad day dance for the school. The realization of senior year being the last had never been more exposed than now and as the nature scouts, construction workers, and Kevins of the senior class got ready to perform, smiles and hugs were exchanged between the nervous performers.

Anticipation built as hundreds of students gathered around the quad. The participating seniors started out with a group huddle and a class cheer. The senior class of 2010 was ready.

Seniors Sung Park and Emily Baba stepped out to host the event to a roaring crowd. Together, acting as a grandfather and granddaughter, Park and Baba retold the story of Pixar’s movie “Up,” which was also the seniors’ theme. With seniors Jian Lee as Russell and Bryce Dozier as Mr. Frederickson, the gathering crowd was taken on an Wilderness-Explorer-worthy adventure to Paradise Falls.

“I was worried we wouldn’t live up to the senior quad days of years before us,” said Park. “But I’m sure we did.”

The seniors had met earlier that morning at 6:45 a.m. to rehearse their presentation and some had also practiced their routines during tutorial. As the seniors stepped out into the quad, the practice paid off as dances coordinating with “Up’ were performed to the delight of the applauding crowd of students and teachers. After separate boy and girl dances were shown off, the finale continued to impress as the seniors presented their last dance; an adorable couple’s dance featuring dozens of balloons incorporated into the choreography.

“I thought senior quad day was amazing,” said senior Allison Chen, echoing the sentiment of her fellow peers. “We worked really hard to put it all together and it really came through in the end.”

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