Roundup and review: Freshmen pull off a quad day routine

November 5, 2009 — by David Eng and Karen Lyu

Homecoming festivities started at long last, with the freshman quad day performance on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Anticipation gathered among the enormous crowd assembled in a semi-circle formation around the quad steps, as performers were nowhere to be found for nearly 10 minutes.

Finally, a group of 12 freshmen wearing color-coordinated green shirts hopped onto the scene, dancing to the familiar tune of “Disturbia.”

A break-dance battle, featuring Brian Minsoo Kim and Powell Huang, followed the choreographed routine.

Kim expressed a certain displeasure with the duet, emphasizing the music was cut off before he was actually finished dancing. He saw his personal performance to be satisfactory, despite acknowledging he repeated the same moves several times.

One of the major weaknesses of quad day was the lack of a unifying theme to the “The Land Before Time” skit plot line, seemingly simply a pair of random dances.

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