Restaurant review: cafe offers tasty choices (4/4)

September 14, 2010 — by Lauren Kuan

Located in the small, old fashioned Quito plaza only a few minutes away from school, The Prolific Oven offers delicious baked goods as well as a peaceful ambiance.

At first, I had difficulty finding this quaint cafe, but once I did, I was pleased to discover their simple yet tasty menu which ranged from paninis to salads. The small bakery is well-known for their intricate cakes and delicate pastries; prices range from $2 to $8.

Since there were not many people in the cafe, I only had to wait for about five minutes for my food to come out. As I took the first bite of my pesto turkey panini, I was pleasantly surprised. The panini was savory and the sun-dried tomato pesto sauce was delicious.

The portions were large and filling, and was definitely a well spent seven dollars. Also, for the customer’s benefit, they include a piece of cake with every order, which I can safely say was the high point of my visit! The cafe uses shaved pieces of chocolate as well as fresh ingredients on all of their cakes, offering a classy and tasty conclusion to a great meal.

The food by far exceeded my expectations, and the quiet environment was very calming. I highly recommend visiting The Prolific Oven during lunch—make sure you take a bite of their cakes!

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