Rainy week leads to postponing of Spring Fling activities

April 2, 2019 — by Angelina Chen and Amanda Zhu

Following AP Testing, the school will hope for better weather to hold PowerPuff games and Lip Dub

A forecast filled with rain led the ASB and activities director Matt Torrens to postpone this week’s Spring Fling events, including PowderPuff football, Lip Dub and dress-up days, to the week of May 20-24, when AP testing is concluded.

An email sent out by Torrens Sunday night notified students of the rescheduling, attributing the delay to “the likelihood of inclement weather three of the five days of the week.”

Although the Lip Dub was also initially scheduled for Wednesday, it was also moved even though the forecast called for a less rainy day.

Another reason for postponing the Lip Dub was that the coordinator, senior David Berkowitz, felt that the main planners had not practiced enough.

“I’m just hoping for it to look smooth and more streamlined, and not as chaotic as last year,” he said.

Though there are many factors that they need to consider, including the distance of the camera from the singers and the volume of the music, Berkowitz has high hopes for this year’s Lip Dub.

“I think this year’s Lip Dub will be a lot more successful than the previous two years,” Berkowitz said. “We started earlier this year and I’m really trying to get everyone to come out to practices even though it’s hard to get everyone to show up.”

Although PowderPuff will be held in May rather than April this year, its history and origin story are still important, and it’s an important part of the school’s culture.

Principal Paul Robinson said PowderPuff football has been a part of every high school he had worked at in California so he believes this event goes “way back in American high school histories.”

“In the ‘50s and ‘60s, this was one of the few ways girls could actually compete in a team sport,” Robinson said. “With Title IX in the ‘70s, girls were finally given the opportunities they deserve to compete as much as boys do.”

Robinson also said current football players look forward to PowderPuff because it gives them a chance to teach one of their passions.

This year, more girls are expected to participate in PowderPuff, according to sophomore Erica Lee, who will be playing in the football games.

“Football teams can have a lot of players and it’s great to see so many come out and participate,” Robinson said. “PowderPuff lives on as a way to bring students together.”


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