Reporters share their pet peeves at school. 

You are a human, now walk like one

Connie Liang

It’s no mystery that my legs are relatively short compared to my longer torso.

What IS a mystery, however, is that I seem to walk faster than 78 percent of the school. It’s possible that I’m simply a naturally speedy walker.

Or, maybe other people are just walking far too slowly. If you’re in the hallway and feel a hot breath closing in on the nape of your neck or hear a weird sort of sigh unusually close behind, pick up the pace and move out of the way. Please. For the sake of everyone, or maybe just for the non-snails, walk faster. Thanks.



Divider importance

Howard Tang

Going to the bathroom can make some people feel a bit insecure. There are no dividers in between the urinals (except for the one near the track), so please follow these guidelines to make bathroom trips less nerve-racking.

Don’t take the urinal right next to someone if another one is open, and a urinal between two guys is no man’s land — use a stall or wait awhile. Also, don’t go to urinals that are two apart (unless there are four total), for it “wastes” two urinals, instead of one.

When all of the “usable” urinals are taken, you can proceed with your business, preferably in the bowls. But please, lift the seat, so that when the next person comes, they don’t have to wipe up your urine to save the dignity of their bottom.

Since our school is unable to put dividers between urinals for some absurd reason, the current situation will not change soon, so please remember your bathroom etiquette to make using the restroom a better experience for everyone.



They’re called water fountains, not spittoons

Sandhya Sundaram

Never have I ever seen a clean water fountain in our school hallways. People always plaster wads of chewing gum on the basins of water fountains and spit on the taps. This makes drinking water a disgusting experience because no one wants to hydrate themselves millimeters away from a nasty, wrinkly, chewed up piece of old gum (or worse).

I can’t even fathom why people would spit in water fountains. They are called drinking fountains for a reason — you drink the water. You aren’t supposed to wash your mouth and gargle in it.

Just stick to the original purpose of the fountain. Don’t ruin it for everyone else.


Hallways: only use when necessary

Elaine Toh

I try to be considerate of all students, younger and upperclassmen alike, during the school day. However, when they block the hallways that lead to my next class or my short-lived freedom during lunchtime, please understand my irritation.

After listening to hour-long lectures or obnoxious alarm clocks, the last thing people want is to walk several more feet around a hallway, especially when they could have walked just two steps to their lunch area or classroom.

It’s these clusters of students who choose to converse in the smallest, busiest pathways on campus that cause so much trouble for others. If you want to chitchat with your friends, do it in the quad. I promise your conversations can handle the slight detour.


Roller backpacks need to roll away

Rahul Vadlakonda

When I walk the hallways during passings or tutorial, I always steer clear of roller backpacks. As space becomes limited in the hallways during passings or breaks, the chance of a roller backpack running over my toes increases exponentially.

Not only are roller backpacks the bane of open-toed shoes and White Vans, they make quite a ruckus as well. Just last week, my nice, quiet studying in the quad was perturbed by the sound of wheels rolling on concrete, triggering an intense emotional association with the rough streets of India.

I respect your roller backpacks; all I ask is that you respect my new shoes.