PSA: Juniors, please don’t park in the senior lot

August 31, 2017 — by Katherine Zhou

Senior recounts experience being shut out of the senior parking lot due to space issues. 

It was a typical Tuesday, and it was the first time this year I enjoyed the luxury of having a free second period by leaving my house at 9:30 am. I felt relaxed and glad that I didn’t have to wait in a long line to pull into the school parking lot. I calmly drove into the senior lot, but as I was driving through, I was shocked to see that every single spot was taken. I circled through the lot multiple times to be sure, but alas not a single spot was open.

My frustration turned to fury I noticed that multiple cars belonging to juniors occupied the spots that I rightfully deserved. Some of these juniors even had the audacity to park in the coveted front row of the parking lot.

I realized that I would have to park in the farthest left lot, not-so-endearingly nicknamed “Africa” by students because of how “far” it is from the school’s entrance. Although parking in the lot was only a 2-second walk farther from school, I was angry at being forced to be separated from my senior peers. It was the principle of it.

Usually when I drive to school, it slightly irks me when juniors park in the senior lot, but there are almost always open spots. One girl even cut me off, sped into the parking lot, and took a perfect spot in the front row. But I never felt more outraged than when I was stripped of my privilege of parking in the senior lot.

As a senior, who has suffered through one more year of high school than my junior counterparts, I should be able to park in the front lot of school. Or, more bluntly, I deserve this privilege. The administration can give different parking permits for seniors or mark the lot with a sign that says, “seniors only,” in order to defend this privilege.

Juniors, you can wait your turn. The exercise you get from walking farther will help relieve some of the stress of junior year. Plus, I don’t want to worry about an inexperienced, more reckless junior driver rear-ending me in the senior lot. Please stay in your own lane. Literally.

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