Please stop adding an extra “s” to anyway

February 4, 2024 — by Nicole Lee
Graphic by Annie Liu
There’s no reason to do it anyway.

The word anyway is a common adverb, often added to the end of sentences in order to denote a feeling that something is unimportant, as in: “It would not have mattered much anyway.” 

However, instead of “anyway,” people often use “anyways,” which — according to modern dictionaries — is not a real word. The word “anyways” just doesn’t make sense, whereas “anyway” is a sound combination of the two words “any” and “way.”

Linguistics may be defined by the people who speak the language, but there is no reason to add an extra “s” to the word “anyway,” which simply removes the intuitiveness of the word and adds confusion to the already complicated English language.

Even if you think grammar doesn’t matter, just use the correct word, lest you affirm the stereotype about dumb American teenagers further.

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