Palin wise choice for McCain

September 23, 2008 — by Annie Lee and Andy Tsao

After the recent republican nomination of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s vice presidential candidate, many Americans have questioned McCain’s choice. Palin’s views on abortion, education and gun rights, coupled with her inexperienced background, has led people to doubt her ability to lead the nation.

Palin, however, has showed promise with her pro-life and equal opportunity beliefs. Her adamant adherence to these beliefs has proven her to be a better candidate than even Hillary Clinton.

First among many criticisms of Palin was her family history. She is a mother of five children, one of whom is an infant with Down Syndrome and another a pregnant teenager. Although many people criticized her decisions, Palin, steadfast to her pro-life beliefs, chose to raise a baby with disabilities rather than to abort. Along with that, both she and her teenage daughter were unwilling to abort Palin’s future grandchild.

Palin’s experience as a mother has also helped her in another aspect. Because she’s been a “hockey-mom” for her children, she can relate closely to the millions of mothers. Palin can also effectively connect to the working class of America due to her 20-year marriage to a blue-collar worker. Instead of basing her decisions on the environment of the White House and wealthy aristocrats, her unique background allows her to develop a more worker-friendly perspective when dealing with economic issues.

Palin is also an advocate of equality between men and women, more specifically, equal opportunities in the work place. She believes women are equally capable of working in today’s technologically advanced society as men. For 80 years, feminists have been advocating the idea of complete equality for women, and Palin has finally brought the issue to the presidential level.

Palin’s nomination as the new Republican vice presidential candidate neatly complements McCain, for she is a dynamic newcomer into the arena of national politics, a trait most Americans believe is necessary. Also, as a committed conservative, Palin can balance out McCain’s more liberal beliefs.

Palin provides the fresh air that McCain so desperately needs. Her viewpoints on major issues such as abortion and women’s rights and her ability to stay true to her word make her a popular candidate—and a good choice.

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