Nuptials in the air

January 20, 2009 — by Guy Quanrud

Marriage hysteria has beset Saratoga High, with two teachers announcing engagements. During winter break, economics teacher Todd Dwyer tied the knot with his long time girlfriend Lupita Chavez. In the science department, chemistry teacher Kathy Chang accepted a proposal from her boyfriend.

With 50 people in attendance, including a few faculty members such as anatomy teacher Amy Obenour from school, Dwyer was married at his sister’s house in Los Gatos on Jan. 2. Former principal Dr. Kevin Skelly, superintendent in Palo Alto, officiated at the ceremony. Dwyer said that he couldn’t have wished for anything more.

“It’s always great when you find that special someone that you get along with them personally and professionally, someone who just makes you better as a person,” said Dwyer. “You become partners and teammates. You just become a team. It’s great when you find that special someone.”

As for Chang, she feels very lucky to be engaged. He set up his proposal by pretending to break up with her. The trick ended with a diamond ring and a proposal. Chang believed what her boyfriend was saying the entire time.

“We’ve been friends for 16 years, and started dating four years ago,” said Chang. “He’s been really good to me.”

Chang hopes to set the date sometime in July and plans to hold the wedding locally.

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