No-homework weekend does not prove stress-free

April 20, 2015 — by Caitlin Ju and Devin Zhao

The no-homework weekend during Spring Fling week proved to be more stressful than stress-free. 

Teachers announced during the second Speak Up for Change assembly in January that, in accordance with a student’s wish, they would not give homework the weekend before Spring Fling week (March 28-29).

Although the announcement was met with cheers from students, the initial excitement eventually turned to frustration, as come Spring Fling week, some teachers circumvented the declaration of a no-homework weekend by doubling the homework load after the weekend or changing homework deadlines to Tuesday. As a result, the no-homework weekend wasn’t much of a reward despite its good intentions. 

No-homework weekends are still a good idea, as their main purpose is to alleviate stress, but teachers should adjust their schedules so that students have time during class to finish the homework initially planned for that weekend. Students can then have a more relaxing time without worrying about upcoming tests and can spend time with family and friends.

Without the careful planning of no-homework weekends, teachers may fall behind on material and consequently reduce review time for the test or skip less important lessons to make up for the lost time. This could negatively impact students by rushing study time and glossing over important material.

The timing of no-homework weekends should also be carefully considered; the most recent one came at an especially bad time, as teachers scrambled to give out the last few tests before Spring Break. Many teachers told students before the weekend that they did not have to study, but students with multiple tests the next week were bound to do poorly if they did not do so.

Yet, even with adequate planning,  no-homework weekends should not become routine, or even frequent. Weekend homework allows teachers to spend more time teaching new material in class and less time reviewing.

The few no-homework weekends that are granted to students should be planned well in advance and observed by all teachers. Only then will these weekends become a truly stress-free time for students.