New Wi-Fi system allows greater ease of use

October 10, 2018 — by Ava Hooman and Esha Lakhotia

Administration retools school Wi-Fi system.

Over the summer, the district’s Technology Services department made improvements to the school’s Wi-Fi system,  according to the district director of instructional technology, Traci Bonde.

In the past few years, the school Wi-Fi has been accessible through an account made in the library for each student. The username was the student’s school email, and the password was the student’s birthday in the form dd/mm/yy. This Wi-Fi password would expire, needing to be renewed from the link posted on canvas every few months.

Bonde said that the new Wi-Fi is set up in such a way that the login will be remembered on personal devices for the whole year.

“This type of service means that you don’t have to continue to accept certificates and authenticate on a weekly or semi weekly basis,” Bonde said. “For all of the district Chromebooks, laptops and iPads, having devices automatically login is a real timesaver in class.”

In addition to login improvements, the school upgraded the infrastructure of its network to improve the performance of the Wi-Fi, Bonde said.

The Wi-Fi passwords will still expire on an annual basis and Bonde said that students should change them for security purposes. Though not mandatory, changing passwords is a security preference for all online systems to keep students’ information safe.

Senior Vada Jammula said she has noticed the improved Wi-Fi, saying, “It was extremely convenient since I used to have problems connecting to the Wi-Fi in years past.”

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