New restaurant locations intrigue students

May 12, 2009 — by Tim Rollinson

Two popular restaurants have expanded to new locations closer to campus. Yogurtland opened a new location in the Westgate West shopping center while a Chipotle Mexican Grill is slated to open just across the street on the corner of Saratoga Avenue and Prospect Road.
New Yogurtland closer to campus

Last December, Yogurtland opened a location in Cupertino, drawing out-the-door lines. This year, the popular frozen yogurt bar held an official grand opening of its new Saratoga location on April 10, and the new location was also welcomed by large crowds.

“I have already been four times since it opened,” said sophomore Kaitna Shankar.

Many students used to make the trip to Cupertino just to visit Yogurtland. Students love its self- serve style and low prices. It offers a variety of toppings including candy, cereal and fruit. Some of the yogurt flavors offered include vanilla wafer cookies and cream, New York cheesecake and taro.

“It is awesome having a Yogurtland so close now,” said Shankar. “Also it costs 30 cents an ounce, which is really reasonable.”

The new location is only eight minutes from the schools opposed to the 10 to 12 minute trip to the Cupertino location.

“It is a lot more convenient now,” said sophomore Arianna Paranzino. “Before it took forever to drive all the way to Sunnyvale, but now it’s barely even a trip.”

Developing Chipotle gives students more options

Chipotle is opening a restaurant in the shopping center across the street from the new Yogurtland. However, the plaza has seen a lot of different restaurants come and go, which makes junior Kirin Kumar question the new location.

“It seems like everything in that shopping center goes out of business, but maybe Chipotle will bring in more people to the whole center,” said Kumar.

Although the location is two miles closer to campus, some students say they will continue to visit the current hotspot on Saratoga Sunnyvale Road.

“I’m used to the old one,” said junior Victor Wong. “I will probably try out the new one, but I think I will stick to what I’m used to.”

Others couldn’t be happier about the new establishment.

“Chipotle is even closer now,” said sophomore Chris Chung. “It will make the other store less crowded.”

Upperclassmen will also have more time to make it to Chipotle and back during lunch, which can sometimes be a strain.

“I can take a little more time going to Chipotle now,” said junior Joey Persico. “I think I am much less likely to get a speeding ticket now.”

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