New Macbook Pro takes first step in revolutionizing computer ports

December 4, 2016 — by Muthu Palaniappan and Roland Shen

Students talk about new apple products.

With the release of the new MacBook Pro in late October, Apple has introduced various new features: a thinner design, new keyboard and a touch bar. Additionally, the company has also altered the laptop’s build, with one major change garnering even more attention: the new computer will not include the standard USB port, SD Card port or Thunderbolt 2 port, which is definitely a mistake made by the tech giant.

The announcement of Apple’s design changes has sparked some controversy on social media about whether the computer is worth the money. Instead of the standard lineup or ports, the MacBook Pro will include only a headphone jack and four USB-C ports, known as Thunderbolt 3 ports to Apple.

These USB-C ports were made to be more universal than standard USB ports; any of the four ports serve as chargers, external monitor connectors or standard USB inputs. Apple has been able to slim down the laptop as well because of the thinner USB-C ports, a feature that they’ve been advertising as a key selling point.

Though implemented with the future in mind, the technology world just isn’t ready for the sudden shift. USB-C technology hasn’t been standardized yet, forcing users to purchase adapters or other dongles to use their older but still standard USB devices and HDMI cables.

The need to constantly have accessories and wires plugged in to make the laptop work contradicts its purpose as an ultraportable machine. Consumers looking for a powerful yet lightweight machine were just so close to finding the ideal product.

For photographers, the lack of a SD card slot is an inconvenience as they will need two different dongles to simply import pictures onto their computers.

Another issue with the new machine is its cost. The most basic model of the Macbook Pro now starts at a price of $1,499, more than the early 2016 model’s equivalent, which only had a price tag of $1,199. In addition, the dongles, which are a must, can range from $9 to $59, high prices to pay on top of the the cost of the laptop itself.

So is Apple’s new flagship laptop really worth it? No — not yet, at least. In a few years, when more computers follow the new trend and stores begin to sell USB-C accessories, including mice and flash drives, the laptop might be a winner.

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