New College and Career Center Assistant and Guidance Secretary Joins Staff

September 10, 2008 — by Girish Swaminath

Though Bonnie Sheikh is new to the office as a guidance secretary, many people will recognize her from her contributions to the Media Arts Program last year and from her two children on campus, Zahra and Ramiz Sheikh. As the new academic year starts, Sheikh is excited to be here.

“I worked with the Media Arts Program, so I was already interested in this school and the students here,” said Sheikh, “and when there came an opening I wanted to apply.”

Sheikh earned a degree in communications from the University of Michigan. Later, she worked with software and consultant companies, non-profit organizations and communications and fundraising. Sheikh looks forward to the challenges at Saratoga High School.

Besides assisting the guidance office, she will oversee the College and Career Center (CCC). She is replacing Becky Allen, who retired last year. She anticipates a great list of college speakers who will be coming to the CCC and encourages students and parents to use the resources available there.

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