Music department tries new fundraisers to support trip to Carnegie Hall

October 22, 2010 — by Anshu Siripurarpu and Justine Huang

In recent weeks, the Saratoga music department has been busily fundraising in order to pay for the department’s trip to Carnegie Hall in the spring as well as offset the cost of other department expenses.

This spring, each student must pay $1,800 in order to travel to Carnegie Hall. Students who apply for financial aid will be supported through fundraisers and other sources.

“Fundraisers like Yolatea, the cookie dough sale, SMB membership, all of that stuff helps the program holistically,” says music director Michael Boitz. “Nobody is denied going because of financial reasons.”

The music department is utilizing a variety of different venues for its fundraising in order to maximize their budget. In addition to the traditional Cookie Dough fundraiser, the department is piloting new fundraisers at Chili’s restaurant and at Yolatea, a local frozen yogurt bistro.

The traditional cookie dough fund raiser took place from Oct. 4 to Oct. 11. Music department students frenziedly sold a wide assortment of baked goods including cookie dough, cinnamon rolls, and assorted cakes and pies. The treats will be available for pickup in November 3rd.

“The cookie dough fundraiser is really helpful since we have to raise money for trips,” said junior Michelle Cummins. “The cookie dough is also super yummy, so lots of people buy it.”

The department is also looking to expand its fundraising by receiving additional funds from the community.

Chili’s, located on Stevens Creek Boulevard, has agreed to sponsor a music fundraiser on Monday, Oct. 25, and aptly dubbed it “Saratoga Music Boosters Day.” The restaurant will donate 10 percent of the profits of customers who bring a flyer verifying that they are supporters of Saratoga Music Boosters. The flyer can be found on

“I think [the fundraiser] is a great idea because Chili’s is a cheap restaurant, so many families can go there for a fantastic dinner,” said sophomore Justin Hang. “Plus they can donate to SMB, which supports all of our music programs.”

In downtown Saratoga, a Yolatea fundraiser has been ongoing for the month of October. Supporters of Saratoga Music Boosters are given 10 percent of purchases back.

“It’s cool because I go to Yolatea a lot,” says junior Andrea Liu. “Which means I’m not completely wasting my $2.75 for pearl milk tea.”