Mr. President, let’s see some of that ‘change’

December 5, 2009 — by Kim Tsai

On daily basis, President Barack Obama gives speeches. His speeches are full of hope and determination for the future, and they’re often inspiring. But the concrete achievements he talks about are not anywhere close to completion.

His problems is that he seems to think that these promises are fulfilled simply by making speeches about them, and more speeches about the next bout of promises. This cannot even be called a vicious circle. Instead, it’s more like a long, ever-lasting and dreary…speech.

According to CBS News, Obama made 263 speeches in his first 231 days as president. The president would have to make more than a speech a day to keep up that pace. Also, more than 48 of those 263 speeches were on the economy and stimulus program.
People must wonder what he could be doing instead of practicing and giving these speeches. For example, he could be working more or learning how to effectively perform his signature Japanese handshake-bow.

Furthermore, how many speeches can Obama make on the economy and stimulus program before things start getting old? Just a few weeks ago, he made his second Afghanistan-Pakistan speech, although nothing has really happened as of yet. So far, Obama has agreed to dispatch 30,000 more troops in Afghanistan over the next six months to help train them to better their defenses. Tension between Pakistan and the U.S. still runs high, but the situation is far from being resolved.

If Obama were still campaigning, the speeches might have been motivational and awe-inspiring, but really, it’s been more than 300 days since his inauguration. No one is getting any more motivation than when he started being president.

Especially after Republican Joe Wilson shouted out “You lie!” during one of Obama’s speeches, Obama’s words have been under the scrutiny. Clearly, he draws out strong emotions from America. The humidity in the air caused by teary women during his inauguration was enough to establish his charisma. However, as Obama makes more of his speeches, the impact they have decreases and his words end up falling on deaf ears. If he made fewer speeches, perhaps they would still influence people to jump into action, like the days of his early campaign.

Interestingly enough, Republican Sarah Palin’s popularity has been rising lately. Her new book, “Going Rogue: An American Life,” only added to her popularity among conservatives. In contrast, America’s previously high regard for Obama seems to have gone down. While hunting and participating in beauty pageants in Wasilla may not be the best course for our president, perhaps Obama should take some tips from Sarah Palin on how to raise his popularity such as getting more in touch with the public or making appearances outside of formal interviews and speeches.

No one is listening as attentively as they have before. The speeches are getting old while Obama continues to throw them out like confetti. America is waiting to see change, not just hear about it. Actions, after all, do speak louder than words.

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