Morning showers reign supreme over their nighttime counterparts

May 4, 2024 — by Caitlin Stoiber
Graphic by: Caitlin Stoiber
A nice, refreshing shower is the perfect way to start off your day.
Showering in the morning gives you the opportunity to feel your best inside and out, providing plenty of health and self care benefits.

Imagine this: you wake up after yet another night of falling asleep on your desk cramming for that APUSH test after playing the dangerous game of closing your eyes for “just a minute.” 

You sit up, stretch the kink out of your neck and groggily slouch into the bathroom to get ready for school. Looking in the mirror, you are caught way off guard by the reflection in front of you. Because let’s be honest — you look crusty. Your hair’s an oily mess, your skin’s looking lackluster and you smell… interesting.

Time for the ultimate weapon. A tried and true, yet extremely underestimated, way to make your day infinitely better. A shower. 

Morning showers are by far the superior time to take a shower, as opposed to their night time counterparts. Early morning showers have a plethora of benefits: They can either keep you warm during a cold winter morning or promptly wake you up with a cold blast of water to the face. Their versatility is their strength. 

Not to mention that taking a shower in the morning guarantees that you’re looking your best for the rest of the day. Your hair will retain its silky and smooth texture, your skin will be freshly washed and smelling good — what more can anybody want?

Moreover, showering in the morning subconsciously helps to create the habit of feeling more awake and aware of your surroundings. According to Health Newsletter, your body relies on specific cues repeatedly given to feel more awake, and showering is one of the most effective signals. 

Not only does showering in the mornings wash away the sweat and bacteria that accumulated on your skin during your slumber, but it also provides a blessed opportunity to relax and take some time for yourself before the stressful day ahead. Self-care is important, and like proper hydration and a good diet, it will help a lot more than you realize. Taking time – even if it’s just ten minutes – to take care of your body to look your best will put you in the optimal mindset to start your day. 

Now obviously, if you completed a hardcore workout the day before, I’m not saying you shouldn’t take a shower when you’re done. PSA: SHOWER AFTER SWEATING. For the sake of your own hygiene and others’ olfactory senses, do not go to bed with an oily face and sweaty pits. But the following morning, it doesn’t hurt to take another shower. And before anyone says morning showers take too much time, sacrificing ten minutes on Instagram during the day can easily make up for it.

The pros clearly outweigh the cons — if you want to look your freshest and feel your best, do yourself a favor and shower when you wake up. 

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