Mock trial holds first full run-through

December 11, 2008 — by Abhishek Venkataramana

With the first competition less than two months away, the mock trial team has begun to finalize their cases and has started rehearsing full run-throughs. They will have their first full dress rehearsal on Dec. 16 with Judge Philip Pennypacker, a Santa Clara superior court judge and Saratoga alumni, presiding.

“It is going to be really cool having an actual judge presiding over our practice trial,” said sophomore Navneet Ramesh, “because in the tournaments, we’re going to be judged by actual judges.”

So far the defense and prosecution had mainly been working separately. The run through will allow them to practices their cases against one another and get an idea for what a complete trial might be like.

The team hopes to learn from the rehearsal and use Pennypacker’s advice in the county competitions, which start in February.

“The more practice rounds we get in the better prepared we’ll be,” said Ramesh.” I think we will definitely be prepared for the competition to come.”

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