Mock Trial competes in Santa Clara competition

February 12, 2009 — by Abhishek Venkataramana and Saniha Shankar

All dressed and ready to go, the Mock Trial team met up in front of the Santa Clara Superior Court Office in Downtown San Jose on Feb. 5 to compete in the annual Santa Clara County Mock Trial Competition.

The Defense team competed against Monta Vista’s Prosecution team. The teams simulated an arson trial and were judged based on the performances of the attorneys, the witnesses, opening and closing statements and witness examinations. Based on the scoring, Saratoga beat Monta Vista by 34 points.

Two days earlier, Saratoga’s prosecution team faced Prospect’s Defense team. The competition was tough, with Prospect being one of the league’s toughest competitors. Prospect managed to come out ahead with a close 244-225 victory.

In order for the team to advance to the next round of competition, the team must have a record of 3-1. Having already lost a round, the team must win both of their next two matches in order to advance.

“Our final two rounds are going to be crucial,” said senior team captain Rishi Taggarsi. “But we know we can beat almost any team when we compete at our best.”

The team will be competing on Feb. 10 and 11.