Maybe I’m the new Gordon Ramsay?

April 14, 2020 — by Kaasha Minocha
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With all this extra time during the quarantine, I’ve been inspired from food shows to improve my baking skills. 

My sister and I made a chocolate chip cheesecake for my older sister’s birthday, and boy, did it turn out delicious.


Like millions of others during the quarantine, I’ve had the time to develop a new hobby: baking. 

I’ve always liked watching cooking and baking shows such as “Chopped,” “Sugar Rush” and “Kids Baking Championship” with my family. Recently, I began rewatching the Netflix show “The Great British Bake Off,” a show in which contestants compete for several weeks, with each week consisting of a different baking theme. 

Watching this show has inspired me to experiment in the kitchen. Every week, I try to make one to two desserts by myself or with my sisters. 

So far, I’ve made a chocolate chip cheesecake, snickerdoodle cookies, a chocolate cake with a berry compote and magic bars, which consist of a graham cracker crust and a filling of condensed milk, chocolate chips, coconut flakes and chopped nuts. 

Some of the desserts I’ve baked have been instant successes and recipes that I will use again in the future;  others have, sadly, been a flop. But, hey, at least I’m gaining more experience as I go on this baking adventure. 

For example, when I made a chocolate chip cheesecake with my twin sister for my older sister’s birthday, it was a complete hit. My entire family loved it, a very big achievement considering my family’s high standards for dessert. 

On the other hand, my eggless snickerdoodle cookies turned out overbaked and crispy and met with much less praise. 

Still, my new hobby has transformed my life in ways I never knew it could. To my surprise, baking is rather therapeutic because all I have to focus on is following the recipe and measuring ingredients. It has increased my precision and focus in other areas of my life, such as with homework and assessments when I need to devote my attention to the task before me. 

I hope to continue growing my love for baking by learning new skills from the shows I’ve been watching. I’m especially thrilled to try meringues, macarons, lattice pattern pies and many others. 

Who knows? Maybe this quarantine will hone my baking skills enough to qualify me as a competitor on one of the food shows I love watching. 


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