Make a story about it: problems to address

December 7, 2012 — by Nick Chow
Inspired by YouTube comedian Jimmy Tatro’s video series, “Make a Video About It,” we decided to rant in an appropriate manner about our pet peeves at this school.

Inspired by YouTube comedian Jimmy Tatro’s video series, “Make a Video About It,” we decided to rant in an appropriate manner about our pet peeves at this school.

The paper towel double standard

So let’s get started here: Why do teachers get paper towels in their bathrooms, but students don’t? If the purpose of ridding the school of paper towels was to be more cost-effective and eco-friendly, then it seems a bit hypocritical that the teachers alone are allowed this luxury.

There is an obvious disparity between the majority and the minority. Is this not the 99 percent, but on a smaller scale? Furthermore, the hand dryers are extremely ineffective, and using them actually wastes energy because they don’t work. We want Dyson!

Enduring dirty bathrooms

On the topic of bathrooms, on Monday mornings, the bathrooms will be extremely disgusting and gross, with toilet paper strewn over the floors and other things splattered everywhere. Since janitors don’t clean the bathrooms until the end of the school day, the bathroom stays nasty for the entire day. It is nearly impossible to use that bathroom without being obstructed by some unpleasant mess.

If you have been to school on Saturday mornings, which we’re sure you do, you might come across lots of screaming and hyperactive children running through the hallways. These children are part of the Chinese school that uses the school for their classes.
The people running the Chinese school are supposed to clean up these messes, but they don’t do the best job, to say the least. Is it too much to ask to have clean bathrooms on a Monday morning?

Social studies wing annoyances

In the social studies wing between the 800 and 600 corridors, there are a multitude of problems that bug the general population. The water fountain needs to go, or it needs to work. It is deceiving and incredibly heartbreaking when we walk to the fountain in hopes that it has finally been fixed.

Every time, we are let down with parched lips and a dry throat. You would think we would know better after three years at this school. Next, freshmen need to understand the safety hazard they create when they clog this corridor because of their affection for the two slabs of “Yin-Yang”-looking rock. Few dare to venture through the horde of underclassmen in that wing, and even fewer come out alive.

A simple addition to pool lights

It was extremely nice that there were lights installed last year for the walkway between the swimming pool and tennis courts, but why not just include lights for the tennis courts? Especially now in the winter months, it gets dark at around 5 p.m. and tennis players can’t practice, or risk horrific dismemberment and pain from not being able to see invisible rocketing tennis balls. But in all seriousness, why not just install lights facing both directions so that both the tennis courts and the alley are illuminated?
Now, we are in no way blaming or criticizing the facilities or maintenance crew for any of the aforementioned problems around the school. They have tons to do around the school as it is, and we are very grateful for everything they have done for the students of Saratoga High. However, we also need to voice our opinion about what can be fixed in our school. If the students don’t, then who will?