Leland’s loss is Saratoga’s gain

September 17, 2008 — by Jordan Waite

Usually teachers try to help students succeed and stay in school, but it’s different for new math teacher PJ Yim. He dropped out of Boston University for four years before graduating because he had to figure out what he wanted to do.

“Some people have to find themselves.” Yim said. “I was one of those people. So I was the black sheep of my family. Once I found myself, I went back to school.”

He went back to school, paying for it on his own, and graduated from Framingham State College, near Boston, with a major in math and a minor in education. He is originally from Boston and taught there before coming to California and teaching at Leland High School for the past seven years. Now, he teaches geometry and Algebra 2 Honors.

Yim is excited to be at Saratoga but was reluctant to leave Leland because he had a good reputation there. He chose Saratoga High because he liked what he had heard about it.

“Saratoga had a very good reputation for its teachers being innovative and everything being cutting edge and I heard it was a very good environment to be working at,” said Yim.

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