Leadership team works to pump up school spirit

February 15, 2012 — by Anika Jhalani

The Red Zone, spirit days and Falcon apparel are all projects the leadership team helps with to increase school spirit. Additionally, leadership is trying to extend their school spirit efforts at the varsity boys’ basketball game on Feb. 17 at Lynbrook High School.

The leadership class will be hosting a tailgate party in the parking lot before the game. There will be burgers and hot dogs available sold as main meals, and chips and sodas to supplement the food.

“This is something new we are trying out this year,” senior Alison Knysh said. “I know support can make or break a game and this tailgate party and attendance to the Lynbrook game can really make a difference for our team.”

Seniors Alison Knysh and Stephanie Shimizu are two leadership members in charge of making the event a success. They have been planning for weeks to make sure the school is aware and willing to come to the game and party.

“I think school spirit is really important and attending sports events is just one way to build it,” Shimizu said. “I hope a lot of people attend our parking lot party and decide to support our boys at Lynbrook tonight.”

After the parking lot barbecue, students will be “tailgating” or following each other’s cars to the Lynbrook courts, where a Red Zone will be set up for students looking to support SHS. The game is at 7 p.m. at Lynbook High School.

“Playing basketball is great, but it is the school spirit that really gets me pumped during games,” senior basketball player Mitchell Casas said. “I look forward to seeing the Red Zone at the Lynbrook game.”


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