Leadership class benefit: more collaboration among officers

December 8, 2016 — by Esha Lakhotia and Muthu Palaniappan

Leadership promotes communication

From organizing activities for Move-Ember to hosting socials for the Community Based Interaction students of the Special Education Department, the students of the fifth-period Leadership class have been constantly busy with coordinating events this semester.

With the new class period in which to interact, underclass student officers are receiving mentorship from upperclassmen.

One example of this collaboration: Sophomore class officers, Jennah El-Ashmawi, Samyu Iyer, Nevin Prasad, Roshan Verma, Ashley Feng and Cameron Lin have already begun to plan their future junior prom with the help of senior class officers.

Lin, the president, said they have been receiving help and mentorship from seniors Rachel Won, Jessy Liu and Eric Sze.

Among the challenges the seniors have been warning them about are finding the perfect venue,  catering challenges and the danger of spiraling costs.

“For venues, a huge thing we have been noticing is that if you chose to go to that place, you have to cater with them,” Lin said. “So, if we wanted to cater with a different business, then we can’t use that venue even if we really like it.”

Another challenge is procrastination. An event that seems so far away has little urgency, and yet is very important in order to secure a venue and be on top of things, the seniors have told her.

However, the sophomore class office seems more confident in their search for a prom venue with the seniors by their side.

“The seniors are really helpful because they know what they’re doing,” Lin said. “They’ve been to a few proms, so they have some venue lists that they gave us and they also help us with the  general concept of prom and what people like and don’t like.”