The Lazy Dog: a lively restaurant

September 13, 2016 — by Alexandra Li

A sophomore reviews The Lazy Dog. 

The sound of dogs happily barking reached my ears as I walked toward the chimney-shaped entrance of Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar. When I took a closer look, I noticed dog owners sitting on the patio looking over not only their own menu, but a separate, pet-friendly menu with a few choices of meat and rice.

Lazy Dog, a global comfort food restaurant chain, is located on Main Street Cupertino, a series of stores built in the vicinity of the new Apple building.

The waiting area was cozy and welcoming, with couches and a fireplace for me and my friends to wait as everyone arrived.

After being seated right away and served drinks, our waiter listened patiently as we debated over what to order. The menu included food that all sounded delicious when described; after reading through it, I was torn between the sundried tomato pesto pasta and the barbeque pulled pork sandwich. When half of my friends announced that they were ordering pasta, I settled with the pulled pork sandwich.

Within 20 minutes, the waiter placed before me a $12.25 dish fit for a king. The pulled pork sandwich sat on one half of the plate, the top bun baked to a perfect brown with onion straws balancing on the light coleslaw. The braised pork completed the skewered sandwich, with a set of crispy-looking fries on the side.

When I took my first bite into the sandwich, I was surprised by how well the crispiness of the onion mixed with the rich coleslaw. The crunchy and fresh lettuce pieces and the well-cooked meat tasted wonderful, and the bun was crunchy on the outside yet still soft.

My friend’s fettuccine alfredo, which cost $11.50, although on the simple side, looked delicious, with the creamy whiteness of the pasta, topped with sprinkles of parsley and set off with a nice side of thin garlic bread slices. I eventually got to try a small portion of the fettuccine alfredo, and it was just as good as it looked.

The pasta noodles were well-cooked: slightly chewy and not too stringy or dry, while the alfredo added just the right amount of rich sauce. However, the garlic bread was just average, with mediocre flavors and chewy bread.

Once we finished eating, the bill arrived and I noticed that the food was reasonably priced, leaving us all with filled stomachs at a fair cost.

Around the restaurant, I noticed pictures of dogs framed on the walls and pawprints all around the building. A walk outside led me to the high tables with water bowls, ready for a dog to use. Although pets were not allowed inside, the well-lit patio with a bonfire provided a great location for dogs to dine alongside owners.

With their welcoming attitude toward dogs and reasonable prices, Lazy Dog’s food and service are worth checking out.

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