The last week of October: a sports fan’s dream

November 10, 2010 — by Will Edman

The Giants celebrate a championship.

On Sunday, Oct. 240, I decided to sit down and plan my coming week. I tossed my homework aside and headed over to as the last week of October is not a normal week; it is the best week of a sports fanatic’s year.

Only once during the 52-week year do all four major professional sports have games at the same time. That week, the NHL entered its third week of the season, the NBA played its opening games, the NFL approached mid-season, and of course, Brian Wilson’s beard led the San Francisco Giants into its World Series matchup with the Texas Rangers.

As I prepared for this monumental week, I had my goals in mind: to watch every World Series game, see Lebron James and the new Miami Heat dominate the NBA and watch my Denver Broncos beat some 49er butt on Sunday. Oh, and maybe catch a Sharks game on the side and to win my fantasy football and basketball games that week.

During this impeccable planning, I somehow forgot that I am a junior, and there was no chance in the world that I would ever have 19.5 hours to watch TV during the week. But I promised myself that I would watch at least part of each important game.

My plan worked at first, as I was able to watch the opening basketball game on Tuesday and the first pitch of the Giants’ game on Wednesday. I also caught the first inning of World Series Game 2, but because of my extracurriculars (tennis, tutoring guitar, etc.), I never saw a run scored in either of these games, and I felt left out of the Giants’ hysteria.

However, I finished the week on a strong note as I watched Madison Bumgarner pitch an incredible game to take a 3-1 lead in the series. Luckily, I also missed the Broncos-49ers game, so instead of having to suffer the ineptitude of the Broncos, I would just have to take the abuse from all of my 49er-fan friends the next Monday.

Even though I didn’t get a chance to watch every big game, the week was a success as the Giants dominated and both of my fantasy sport teams roared victory. So although most people will wait 356 days for the next Christmas, I will anticipate the next last week of October even more—the best week on the sports calendar.

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