Kick-off dance to take place later than usual

September 14, 2009 — by Mary Mykhaylova

Unlike the Kick-Off Dances from previous years, this year’s “Let it Rock…and Roll” Dance is scheduled for Sept. 25–almost a month later than usual. The head dance commissioner, senior Krittika Patil, attributes the shift to a timing issue and desire to provide the students with a better experience.

“We tried to coordinate the dance with a football game to make both more spirited, but since games end late, we realized the dance would be short and very hectic,” she said. “Students wouldn’t get the full three hours at a dance.”

Dance commission set the date for the first available Friday without a football game. The dance, as always, will take place from 8-11p.m. in the Quad. Tickets are only available at the door at two pricing levels, $5 with ASB, $7 without, each of which can be discounted an additional dollar.

“All you need to do is bring two cans to get $1 off the ticket price. We’ll be donating to Second Harvest Food Bank, so it’s for a good cause,” said Patil.

After much brainstorming, the dance commission settled on “Let it Rock…and Roll” as the theme, since it has the potential to attract many students, and is easy to dress up for.

“It’s kind of a double theme,” she said. “You can dress up as a rocker with your band shirts, Mohawks and fake tattoos, or go back into the past and wear your leather and do your hair all retro.”

Dance Commission members hope for a positive turnout for this dance.

“Usually Homecoming [Commission] plans the Homecoming dance, Spring Fling [Commission] takes care of Sadies, and all the formals are with ASB, so this is our only one,” Patil said. “We’d love to plan one more, but that depends on the administration and the events schedule. Maybe if the students give us positive feedback for this dance, we can push for another!”

The dance commission has also done their part to get a little student contribution for the event. A music request box will be in the office for two weeks prior to the dance, so all students are encouraged to submit their favorite songs.

“Even though there isn’t the first week hype about the first dance, we’ve prepared a lot,” Patil said. “I’m sure that all the students will have a lot of fun with this theme and DJ.”