Junior Prom draws big turnout; some say venue too small

May 8, 2017 — by Jay Kim and Michelle Lee

Junior prom venue proves to be too small; junior class officers originally thought the GlassHouse was ideal, yet the main complaint they got had to do with its size.

As pairs of boys and girls walked into the GlassHouse in Downtown San Jose on April 15, they were welcomed by the famed red carpet of the Oscars, a plethora of drinks and the bling of the neon-lit venue.

According to junior class secretary Nicholas Di, 288 students attended the school’s Oscar-themed Junior Prom at the GlassHouse with tickets ending at the price of $150.

“The max attendance was 275 and we actually broke that,” Di said. “We thought it was really successful and everything went as we planned.”

Class officers were satisfied with the choices they had made.

“One thing about the GlassHouse that struck us was that it was a fairly close location and was within our price range,” junior class treasurer Vishal Narayan said. “Other places were either outside of the price range or outside the vicinity and had some sort of nuance that prohibited us from choosing that event.”

Additionally, the GlassHouse offered lighting, tables and a food buffet that appealed to the class officers, Narayan said. The venue also provided the flexibility to let the officers decide to choose the color for the stairs’ lighting.

Junior class officers originally thought the GlassHouse was ideal, yet the main complaint they got had to do with its size.

“I couldn’t really dance at prom because of the small dance floor,” junior Justin Kuo said. “Also, the food ran out really quick, and a lot of people couldn’t get their food.”

Junior Prom was an event with large attendance from both the junior class as well as many seniors, but Narayan believes there are still some areas to improve upon.

“For next year’s Senior Prom, spacing will definitely be something we want to improve,” Narayan said. “Also, we’re going make sure the DJ plays songs that people know. I don’t think many people knew the songs and we’re gonna try to involve songs that people actually know.”

Class officers thanked the teachers and administrators who enabled the junior class to hold the event, especially the teacher chaperones who added to the atmosphere. Teachers such as English teachers Natasha Ritchie and Amy Keys were there and brought meaning to it because they know so many of the juniors. Although the junior class officers think they executed the organization of the event well, they still owed much of their success to unseen contributors, Narayan said.

“We have to give a lot of credit to our class adviser Señor Rodriguex,” Narayan said. “There wasn’t much communication between teachers and students, but he managed a lot of things behind the scenes like busing, paying the location and handling funds, and I don’t think many people know about that.”


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