Jeremy Zucker’s ‘love is not dying’ takes listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions

August 27, 2020 — by Jason Cheng

Jeremy Zucker delivers another unique hit with his sophomore album, connecting with listeners in a special, heartfelt way


After two years of hit singles and EPs, American singer-songwriter Jeremy Zucker finally released his much anticipated sophomore album “love is not dying” on April 17, further promoting his unique style of lo-fi pop and cementing himself as a bright star in the music industry.

Most known for his 2018 songs “comethru” and “all the kids are depressed,” Zucker establishes his skill in music production and songwriting in this new solo project, in which he produces and writes every song himself. 

The whole album flows as if it were one song. Transitions between songs are seamless, and Zucker tells the story of a carefree relationship that takes a turn for the worse through his lyrics and delivery. 

Zucker introduces the album with sweet lyrics, reminding his significant other that “I won’t go, baby” and “Life would be quite boring without you.” The lead vocals are backed with melodious harmonies, and Zucker utilizes upbeat rock drops in “somebody loves you” and “lakehouse” to convey a feeling of happiness. 

To Zucker, the introduction to the album, “still,” holds the deepest meaning. 

“Everything was moving so fast, everything was so hectic, and I wished we could just be still,” Zucker said in an interview with Genius. “It’s this crescendo of madness and insanity, but also intense beauty.” 

The sweetness of this imaginary relationship, though, is short-lived. As Zucker progresses toward the second section of the album, listeners hear lyrics such as “She’s with a new boy now” and “I know that they’re better somehow.” 

In this section, Zucker turns bitter with “not ur friend” and “julia,” which more resemble pop songs. Here, he demonstrates his ability to create catchy hooks with vibey drumbeats and begrudging lyrics to set the mood. 

Zucker ends his album with the most emotional section: the heart-clenching songs “hell or flying” and “you were good to me,” featuring fellow American singer-songwriter, Chelsea Cutler. Zucker nails the delivery in these songs, pushing listeners to the verge of tears. 

Reverb-filled pianos and synths flutter throughout the mix while Zucker tells listeners that he has moved on from the past. The use of ambient sounds further exemplifies the loneliness he feels at this stage, where he reminisces about the better times before.

The album as a whole perfectly represents Zucker’s musical capabilities, ranging from the saddest tunes to the catchiest radio bops. Zucker is able to make teary-eyed listeners get up and dance in an instant with his transitions between completely different moods. 

Zucker’s “love is not dying” is a very promising glimpse of the future for the young songwriter. With the recent release of his fun-filled single “supercuts” and his plans to go on tour for the album after the COVID-19 pandemic, Zucker may be well on his way to stardom. 

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