Jamba hacks are juice the best

April 24, 2017 — by Alexandra Li

Students use hacks to save money when purchasing drinks from Jamba Juice. 

After our usual 3-hour dance practice ended early, five of us realized that we had at least an hour before any of us were expected home. Excited, we piled into junior Caitlyn Chen’s car and headed to Jamba Juice.

We already knew our orders: one medium Strawberry Surf Rider, one medium White Gummi Bear and one small Mango-A-Go-Go to share among us. However, upon realizing the store offered a Saturday deal of buy 3 get 1 free, we decided to make the most of it and ordered two medium White Gummi Bears, one medium Mango-A-Go-Go and one medium Caribbean Passion.

After we ordered the four drinks, we felt that they weren’t enough for the five of us. Yet, eight would be too many, so we also put to use a commonly known hack: ordering a medium and asking them to split it into two cups. For only $5.29, we got two small cups that were almost full, as the workers were usually nice and tried to fill the cup. Had we bought the two small cups individually, it would have cost $4.79 each.

The deal of the day and our idea of splitting cups encouraged us to order what we never would have thought we could finish, but it turned out six drinks were no match for us five girls.

Around the entrance, a small sign lists the “Value Days.” Mondays offer a baked good for $1 with the purchase of a drink, Tuesdays allow customers to buy a medium for a price of a small and a large for the price of a medium, Wednesdays sell energy bowls for $6, Thursdays present the same deal as Tuesdays, Fridays offer a medium for $5 and a large for $6 and Saturdays and Sundays provide a buy 3 get 1 deal that we were able to take advantage of.

While Jamba Juice may not be the cheapest place for a quick break, putting these hacks to use has helped my friends and me save money many times, and it has kept our love for Jamba Juice alive.

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