I. hate. flies.

September 30, 2021 — by George Huang
It’s about time these annoying little creatures go extinct

You’re sitting in class and trying to pay attention. It’s 90 degrees outside and nearly as hot inside with classroom doors always open for COVID-19 prevention. You sweat in your seat as a tiny swarm of black monsters begins to circle your head. You try to ignore the droning of their wings until your head jerks back and your arms flail. 

They have begun their attack. 

Flies are the most annoying creatures to ever exist and are practically impossible to kill. They have no benefit to nature whatsoever; they’re supposed to be pollinators, but the only things they seem to try to pollinate are the heads of unsuspecting students. 

Unfortunately, flies are nowhere near endangered. The solution: Please, please install flytraps in each classroom. 

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