Holiday gift guide for everyone in your life

November 17, 2015 — by Eleanor Goh and Caitlin Ju

Gift ideas for parents, siblings, relatives, and friends.

Gift Ideas

For parents:

  1. Head massager because, let’s face it, you give your parents plenty of headaches ($6, Urban Outfitters)

  2. Scrapbook with pictures of you from sixth to eighth grade, because only they would want to look at those ($0, 50 free prints at Shutterfly).

  3. Target or Amazon gift cards, so they can buy more things for you ($15, $25, $50, $100, found at respective stores).

  4. A towel to clean up your future messes — you can borrow it for your tears after college decisions, seniors (personalize the towel at PB Teen for $17).


For siblings:

  1. Monoprice Noise Isolating Earphones so that they don’t have to listen to your “bad” taste in music ($9, Amazon).

  2. “I’m just here to annoy you” T-shirt to remind them that everything they do gets on your nerves ($17, CafePress).

  3. The book “The Man Who Didn’t Wash His Dishes” by Phyllis Krasilovsky as a slight dig at all those times they did not do their chores ($12, Amazon).

  4. A “Bro 2” or “Sis 2” T-shirt — we all know that you’re the number one. ($25, Redbubble).

  5. Their very own “LeapFrog My Own LeapTop” so that they don’t have to keep stealing your laptop ($18, Toys “R” Us).

  6. A “Thinking Cap” labelled trucker hat for the philosophical older siblings ($14, Cafepress).

  7. A cute Memory Box for the extra-sentimental siblings ($46, Urban Outfitters).

  8. If you’re feeling exceptionally lazy, just write your name on the card of your parents’ gift to them. It’s not like they wouldn’t do the same to you.


For relatives:

  1. Who live in California: “Snow In A Can” ($8, Urban Outfitters).

  2. Who live overseas and always tell you to bring American brand-name accessories when you visit: Leather Luggage Tag ($45, Coach).

  3. Who always post hundreds of pictures of their travels on Facebook: Camera Lens Mug ($13, ThinkGeek).

  4. Whose name you may or may not have forgotten: A pack of 100 name tags ($6, OfficeMax).


For the friend:

  1. Who won’t text you back because their phone is always dying: Portable Phone Charger ($24, Urban Outfitters)

  2. Who loves “Star Wars”: Chewbacca slippers ($35, Macy’s) or a “Saber Every Drop” mug ($15, Modcloth)

  3. Who is the king or queen of bad puns: a “Peas Pass the Salt Shaker Set” ($22, Modcloth)

  4. Who is known for being artsy and takes pictures of everything: Mini Instax Glitter Picture Frame ($6, Urban Outfitters)

  5. Who always wants food and eats candy for lunch: A five-pound gummy bear ($30, IT’SUGAR)

  6. Who always drops his/her phone: Candyshell Clear Speck phone case ($35, Speck).

  7. Who is always commenting “tfti”: “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” by Mindy Kaling ($8, Amazon)

  8. Who is sassy and hates Mondays: “Love You Like a Monday Morning” T-shirt ($18, Hot Topic)

  9. Who lives for coffee and dogs (if you don’t have this friend, then it’s probably you): Starpugs Coffee Mug ($18, Etsy)

  10. Whose shoelaces are always untied: “HICKIES Elastic Lacing System” ($10, Brookstone)

  11. Who often embraces his or her inner child: Unicorn knee high socks ($10, Spencer’s)

  12. Who already seems to have everything: The passcode to your Netflix account ($0, because the best gift they can receive is your trust ).

Failsafes for everyone include fuzzy socks, photo albums and chocolate.

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