High school shoppers need to prepare for the holidays: tips for affordable gift buying

November 14, 2018 — by Selena Liu and Esha Lakhotia

Reporters reccommend stores that sell good gifts at good prices.

With the end of Thanksgiving comes an onslaught of Christmas sales and the start of a month of gift-buying and trips to the mall.

To prepare for the upcoming Christmas season, we prepared a list of stores at the mall that are the perfect place to get inexpensive, yet still meaningful, presents for your friends and family.

As high schoolers, we all need writing utensils and school materials for our classes. But for this Christmas, we deserve to get fancier stationery, and paper and pen store Typo is the perfect place to find high-quality writing and art supplies. Not only does Typo have an entire collection of pen and colored pencil sets, the store also has planners, bullet journals, and scrapbooks. So if someone you know is particularly creative and talented in writing or art, Typo is the perfect and most affordable place to buy anything related to stationery.

For those of us who prefer personal hygiene and cosmetic products over stationery, Bed, Bath & Body Works is the perfect place to get inexpensive perfumes, soaps, and other hygienic products. This cosmetics store is especially known for their pocket hand sanitizers that come in all sorts of fragrances, and you can get these hand sanitizers in packs of five for only $6. Bed, Bath & Body Works also sells $4.50 shower sponges that are the perfect bathtub accessory and scrubbing tool. If you have friends who are looking for relaxing home fragrances, perfumes, or hand sanitizers, make sure to drop by Bed, Bath & Body Works for these cosmetic and hygiene products.

Finally, something everyone needs over Christmas break is a present that will relieve stress and bring a joyful spirit to the holidays. If you’re looking for something for your friends and family that will relieve their stress and won’t drain your wallet, buying scented candles from Yankee Candle is the perfect gift. Not only can you sample multiple candles in the store and choose your favorites, candle sets of four come for only $10.

Shopping for affordable gifts for all of your friends is hard, and sometimes we, as high school gift shoppers, will struggle to find something between too cheap and too luxurious. When it comes to that point, follow this list to find the most meaningful and affordable gifts to buy for your loved ones this Christmas season.

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