Girls’ volleyball team celebrates its seniors

November 11, 2010 — by Amy Jan

Girls dressed up in shirts with the back saying “we love our seniors” and “Harajuku girls” could be seen walking around school in their home-made outfits. This group was the volleyball team who celebrated their seniors with a theme in keeping with Gwen Stefani’s backup dancers: the Harajuku girls.

On Oct. 28, players held their senior day for seniors Megan Brading, Hanna Nielson, Raven Sisco and Sarah Blegen.

“Things won’t be the same without them next year,” said outside hitter sophomore Janelle Williams.

The team brought the seniors a breakfast of Starbucks and coffee cake. Younger players brought doughnuts to them in their first-period classes, and on the menu for lunch was Chipotle.

“Senior day was a very memorable one because we could tell the girls spent a lot of time on it, and it paid off because [the day] was amazing,” said Nielson.

Later in the day, the girls had their senior game. They played Palo Alto, the first-place team, and just barely missed a victory. Nielson said it was a good way to end the last home game of the season.

Nielson said it was “fun to be captain” but there was also the responsibility that came with the role.

“I knew I had a responsibility on and off the court to be a leader. It was challenging at times when we would get down in games, but everyone worked hard in the end,” Nielson said.

Despite the overall record of 1-10 and no CCS this season, the team had fun playing together.

“There were amazing games and embarrassing ones, but overall, it was fun, and I loved it,” said Williams.

The team has come a long way because of all the effort they put into being the best they could be.

“This season was a really good learning experience for all of us and even though we didn’t win as much as last year we all stuck together as a team and had a good time,” said right outside hitter Talia Sisco, a junior.

The team bonded throughout the season during their practices. They knew how to incorporate a little fun while being productive.

“Sometimes the practices got a little goofy,” Nielson said. “I have gotten to know all the girls better and we are all friends now.”

The girls improved a lot this season, but will miss this year’s seniors.

“It’ll be a rough season next year, but we’ll play hard,” said Williams. “Who knows what might happen?”

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