Girls’ soccer team slowly gets ball rolling during preseason

December 13, 2010 — by Shivani Chadha

The Falcons were off to a slow start this preseason but are progressively improving as the girls’ soccer team gets used to playing with each other.

The Falcons were off to a slow start this preseason but are progressively improving as the girls’ soccer team gets used to playing with each other.

After tying 0-0 against Homestead the previous week on Dec. 1 and losing 2-0 against Monta Vista on Nov. 29, the team finally won its first game against on Dec. 8 against King’s Academy.

Junior center mid Kari Clark scored the first goal against King’s Academy early in the game from 40 yards outside of the goal box. Freshman forward Stephanie Ho added to the score with a second goal off a cross. The defense was able to contain the King’s Academy offense, resulting in a 2-0 win for the Falcons.

Despite difficulty getting started, players feel confident that the team is on its way to improvement.

“We haven’t had enough time on the field together to understand everyone’s unique style of play,” junior forward Courtney Brandt said. “It’s always a little rough starting off the season, but we’ll definitely be better prepared in a few weeks.”

Players are also adjusting to a different formation this season.

“This year we’re playing a 4-3-3 with a triangle in the midfield, so it was rough at first but the girls have been adjusting really well so far,” coach Molly Flannigan said.

Senior co-captains, defenders Laura Mighdoll and Ren Norris, have stepped up to leadership roles during the first few games of the season. Co-captain Mckenzie Crase, who plays forward, was out with a back injury after a soccer accident and car crash last year on top of a rigorous fall water polo season. Crase’s injury has had a significant impact on the team because she has been on varsity for four years. However, Crase is now able to practice and will be able to play in games soon.

Against Homestead, the girls struggled offensively. The team had a chance to score after freshman Lindsay Webster was fouled near the goal box, but they couldn’t convert. Brandt’s free kick was deflected by the Homestead goalie.

“During the first game we were not tactically prepared,” Flannigan said. “Against Homestead we were much better defensively, but were just unable to transition to offense.”

After their loss against Monta Vista, the team members felt that they improved during their game against Homestead.

“We all come from different soccer backgrounds, but after the Monta Vista game we worked on positioning in practice,” Mighdoll said. “In the Homestead game we improved a lot on that and played better with each other.”

Team members said that the new underclassmen additions are contributing greatly to the team.

“Our freshmen and sophomores are playing great and are really good additions to the team because they are all really skilled,” Brandt said.

Players believe they have a strong group and a great coach to lead them throughout the season.

“I think we will do well because we have skill all over the field, not just in a few players,” junior center mid Anna Ashe said. “Once we’re in sync I’m sure we’ll do well.”

The Falcons played a game against Westmont on Dec. 10, but due to printing deadlines, it could not be covered in the print edition of the Falcon.