Girls’ soccer soaring this season

February 12, 2010 — by Olivia Chock and Ren Norris

After being sent down to the lower El Camino Division this year, the Falcons had one main goal: to earn back their spot in the upper-league De Anza division. Not only is the team on its way to winning the El Camino league, but it could also make CCS.

Currently in second place, the Falcons must win the rest of the games this season, most importantly a rescheduled game against league leader Fremont, to grab the league title.

“We’re in second place, but we already beat the previously undefeated Fremont, so we’re going to have to win again when we rematch them. It should be a good game,” said head coach Kim Anzalone.

The team’s biggest improvement has been reducing the amount of miscommunications and errors, said co-captain Jordan Leonard.

“We’ve been playing really well together and we’ve gotten used to how each other play so there aren’t as many miscommunications,” said senior Leonard. “To make CCS we need to work on finishing our shots and anticipating, but we’re improving every day so as long as we keep playing our passing game, I think we can make it to CCS.”

On the team’s Senior Day on Feb. 9, the seniors played their last home game ended in a 5-0 victory against Lynbrook. In the first 5 minutes, sophomore Kari Clark scored off of an assist from senior Adele Perera. Later on in the first half, sophomore Courtney Brandt scored off an assist from junior Ren Norris. In the second half, Clark added another goal. Li also scored a goal off of an assist from
senior Sarah Guy, who also added in a goal.

The girls, on a roll for CCS with their winning streak, have yet another victory. The team had a 2-0 victory against Wilcox on Feb. 2. In first half, Leonard scored a goal off an assist from freshman Evelyn Lee. Brandt scored a goal in the second half.

On Feb. 4, the team beat Cupertino 3-0. Perera scored a goal in the first half off an assist from Brandt. Senior Sam Li scored a penalty kick after Leonard was fouled in the box. In the second half, Perera scored again off cross from Clark.

“[The girls] have such positive attitudes and are fired up for every game. Even when we’re playing weaker teams, they play at the same high level. We can definitely make it to CCS,” said Anzalone.