Getting fit in the best fits

February 4, 2022 — by Jason Cheng
Exercise is important, but so is looking good

When I enter the gym, I’m locked in. 

I’m constantly pushing myself to become stronger both mentally and physically, and I’m completely focused on getting my reps in — well, sort of. 

That is, you need to look good in the process, too. Sure, benching 225 pounds is impressive, but being fitted up in the gym is the best way to effortlessly triple your physical appeal.


Become an egotistical bodybuilder

Not everyone can pull this look off, but if you’re really confident in your body, a tank top and short shorts will get you plenty of stares at the gym. Make sure to stop and pose in the mirror to let everyone know that you’re really into yourself.

Your gym diet is exclusively protein powder and creatine, so scream through every set until your already revealing outfit tears right off. 


Take the back seat: Looks can be deceiving

We all know a hoodie-and-sweatpants guy. Even if the gym feels like an oven, they’ll casually be lifting hundreds of pounds without breaking a sweat. 

Still, for most people, this iconic combination only works for chilly weather. Especially if you get the color match right, you’ll look fit in this classic attire. 

If you start heating up, don’t worry: That’s what layers are for. Hoodies are perfect for warming up, and wearing something lighter underneath during more rigorous portions of exercise is ideal for a great workout.


A few accessories won’t hurt — emphasis on a few

Accessories are awesome: Compression shorts polish up your morning runs, headbands hold back any irritating strands of hair and fitness watches track your progress throughout a workout.

Yet, less is more sometimes, and stacking up accessories will only make you look tacky in front of already judgmental people at the gym. Plus, you don’t want random accessories hindering your performance; remember, working out is the main priority. 


No matter what you choose to wear during your workouts, make sure you feel comfortable. You’re doing this for yourself, so as long as you’re putting in the work and feeling confident, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals — not even that bodybuilder in the corner. 

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