Gautam Bhayani: Backstage Boy

November 9, 2010 — by Mac Hyde

Junior Gautam Bhayani’s typical extra curricular assignment isn’t your typical assignment, unless that assignment regularly involves power tools, enough electricity to power your average house, or building the superstructure of a ocean liner.

Gautam is part the school’s theatre technical program, aka tech. Lead by Adrian Stapleton, they help build the sets for all of the school’s productions, hang and focus the lighting, man the lighting and sound boards, as well as devise the special effects as they are required.

Gautam started as a tech when he was a sophomore. “Its a big time commitment, you have to do all the shows and stay until 10.”

Gautam has done numerous jobs whilst being a tech, including: fly operator, lighting board operator, and stage manager, just to name a few. His specialty is stage managing “I like kind of being director more than listening to directions.”

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