Friday Night Lights: football games

October 19, 2017 — by Michelle Lee and Katherine Zhou

Senior travels to neighboring schools' football games in search of hype and new social atmospheres. 

On Friday, Sept. 8, while most Saratoga students were cheering on the home football team against Santa Teresa, senior Tyler Wu was surrounded by hundreds of Archbishop Mitty High School students, cheering on the Monarchs at their football field.

With a student leadership section on the lower half of the stands enthusiastically encouraging the crowd with cheers, Wu could feel the fans’energy. Even he was rooting for the Monarchs to win. Most students were dressed in sports jerseys to show their spirit.

“At [Saratoga] games are more quiet, and everyone is sitting down,” Wu said. “Everyone at Mitty games is crazy and super [hyped up] and enthusiastic about everything.”

Wu is used to going to neighboring high schools on Friday nights, absorbing the different cultures and spirit of schools while watching football games.

While attending other Mitty’s games, Wu observed that unlike at Saratoga where most students attend football games to socialize, many at Mitty were more invested in following the actual game, as Mitty’s robust sports program has an accomplished football team.

In the future, Wu wants to continue going to different football games and new schools whenever he has free time.

“It’s easy to meet new people there,” Wu said. “It’s pretty lively and fun for socializing.”

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