Freshmen make strides during quad day performance

September 21, 2023 — by Alan Cai
Photo by Anika Kapasi
Freshmen point skyward in the K-pop dance.
Freshmen execute the first quad day performance despite technical hurdles.

In a Quad Day performance themed after the Disney movie “Inside Out” on Sept. 19, the Class of 2027 displayed a series of intricately choreographed dances while dealing with technical challenges revolving around a dysfunctional microphone system and flawed sound and their status as the “newbies” of the school.

The freshmen Quad Day dances featured a standard group dance, Bollywood, K-pop, all-girls and all boys dances, for which practices started shortly after the first day of school.

“I think we have a lot of participation and excitement, especially coming in as freshmen,” freshman class vice president Katie Yang said. “We were able to get a lot of support for our all boys dance.”

Aside from having over 40 participants, the freshmen were also able to kick off a strong Homecoming week with the help of their robust funding and outreach efforts. 

Freshman class president Sina Mahtaj Kharassani said the freshmen received a huge head start for Homecoming by raising over $3,000 at their opening parent night and around $500 at the food truck fest in August. Along with selling 118 class T-shirts, more than any other freshmen class in at least 10 years, the freshman class budget coming into September was the highest for any freshman class at that time in recent school history.

Kharassani also attributes the respectable turnout to proactive outreach efforts such as speaking with numerous classmates and employing social media, which alerted less-aware freshmen to the quad day activities,  the Homecoming football game against Cupertino and the dance over the weekend.

“My favorite part about quad day is forming new bonds and meeting a lot of new people in my class, especially with those coming from different middle schools,” said Devika Nair, a dancer and skit actor. 

To cap off an exciting week, freshmen are preparing to enjoy their first Homecoming football game and dance.

“For the football game, a lot of the freshmen are really excited about it,” Yang said. “For the dance, word has not gone around yet, but I think once it does, people are going to be interested and hyped up for it.”

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